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Generative music app based on Conway’s Game Of Life

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Mosquito and Dinosaurs

Exploration game. Play as a mosquito and collect dinosaur DNA

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Bullet Pea

Play as a sentient pea who must save the world one jump at a time

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Noah's Nightmare

Procedural platformer coming soon to PC

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Meet The Team

  • Anya_Square2

    Anya Linley

    Anya is the founder of Team Popo. Having worked at Blitz Games Studios for six and a half years she set up her own company in July 2012. She is in charge of the project management and programming as well as a lot of the design work.

    When she’s not making games, Anya works as a freelance web developer and also creates wire jewellery and tutorials. She loves coding, crafting and being around nature.

  • Ed 1

    Edward Linley

    Anya’s husband. Ed has been in the games industry for as long as he can remember, working as a design lead at several large studios including Point Of View and Blitz Games Studios. He now works at Rebellion Developments in Oxford.

    In his spare time, Ed develops his own games and creates all the beautiful artwork for Team Popo. He also enjoys writing books and graphic novels such as the Smarmalade’s comics and A Gross Of Dragons.