Noah’s Nightmare: The Game Plan

It’s been a long time since my last blog update. Far too long.

*Kicks self for not posting once a week as intended*

Work on Noah’s Nightmare has been coming on steadily and the game is now looking pretty good and plays well. Below are a few recent screenshots from the game.




There are four different areas to explore so far with nine planned in total. Each area has a unique set of traps and monsters as well as quests to complete. The pre-run screen gives you a little insight as to what to expect in the area you have selected as shown on the left of the screen. The right of the pre-run screen shows up to three quests which you can try to complete during the game run.

During the run, you must work your way up the screen through randomly generated setups (see previous post), avoiding the traps and monsters. There is little time to hang about as the water is constantly rising and you don’t want to drown!

None-the-less, death is inevitable on every run, whether it be by drowning or from a monster or a trap. Hopefully, you will have completed a quest or two and you will have gained a few resources from the game run…

… Which brings me to my next point. Resources are the key to Noah’s Nightmare. Wood and ore can be found scattered though the world. Gold is earned from killing monsters and completing quests. Wood, ore and gold are used to upgrade Noah’s Ark and these upgrades help you, Noah, to be more successful on your next run. Some upgrades boost health, others make monsters less powerful and yet others add new ways for you to defeat your foes. By constantly upgrading, you are essentially leveling up so as to be able to take on tougher areas.

The challenge now will be to get just the right balance so that all areas feel doable, even if it might take a bit of grinding to collect enough resources for the upgrade you want. I am hoping that the upgrade system will prove to be a good way to implement adaptive difficulty. A really good player will get through the quests and unlock new areas on fewer runs. This likely means they will have collected fewer resources and buy fewer upgrades as a result. But as a good player, they won’t need the upgrades quite so much. In contrast, a less skilled player can still enjoy the game but will need to farm resources until they have enough upgrades to be powerful enough to complete the quests.

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