Noah’s Nightmare: Animals

A little while ago, we realized that something was missing from our game. Sure, we had an ark to build and some scary water threatening to drown out humanity but… what about the animals? Noah simply isn’t Noah without animals for his ark.

So, we changed the design a little to incorporate animal rescue missions into the quests. At the end of each area, you must rescue a specific animal before moving onto the next. Naturally, the animals are all hidden away in high-up locations so it can take a bit of skill an determination to reach them.


Once Noah has rescued an animal, it is added to the ark and when all 10 animals are safely in the ark, the game is won and Noah can set sail!

One cool thing about having animals in the ark is that they can start chatting to each other or to the player. We want them to give out hints on how to play or thank Noah for saving them or just make random funny comments. I think this will add a lot to the game but don’t want it to be annoying, so they would only talk one at a time and only when Noah is standing still. As soon as Noah moves, any speech bubbles will fade out so you can get on with selecting upgrades or getting ready for your next run.

Oh, and when there are two of an animal, little hearts will rise between them from time to time. It’s going to be awesome!

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