Noah’s Nightmare: Pause Screen and Talking Animals

Happy New Year from Team Popo!

It’s been a while since my last Noah update and the game is coming along well. In December, we got to a point whereby all the levels and gameplay are in place so you can actually play the game from beginning to end which is pretty cool. It’s also reasonably balanced now in terms of upgrades, their cost and the effect they have in making your life easier as you get to the tougher areas towards the end.

However, any game developer will know that completing the playable part of the game is only half the battle. Next comes endless polish and additions that you knew you needed from the start but never got round to! So, after Christmas, I made a BIG list of all the bits and pieces that still need doing – intro, redoing the title screen, a pause menu and so on. There’s still a fair bit to get through but we’re definitely on the home straight now.

The first of these features to be added after Christmas was the pause menu. It still needs a bit of graphical improvement but works well which makes me happy :). I wanted it to be useful as more than just a way to pause the game so it also serves to tell you how far you are through each quest.


The next challenge was to put in the animal speech that I mentioned in the last post. This was finished late last week and really adds to the game.


The screenshot above looks rather blank right now because it is still missing the ark which will sit behind the scaffolding, getting more and more awesome, the more upgrades you buy. Ed has been doing a load of great work on the graphics for the ark, following my rather scruffy layout below (who said design documents have to be tidy?)


Each of the numbers are visual representations of the upgrades as seen on the ark. So you might start off with a rusty anchor and torn sails and work your way up to having a solid gold anchor and sails embroidered with gold silk. It’s a lot of work on the art side since each upgrade element can have 10 variations and there are 12 upgrades in total so that’s 120 graphics on top of the basic ark that all need to fit neatly into place. Still, I reckon it’s doable and going to look amazing in the end.

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