Noah’s Nightmare: Building The Ark

This month we’ve added in a complete ark that sits behind the scaffolding. We’ve also added a backdrop, tidied up the scenery around the ark and created some nice bespoke huts where you can go buy upgrades to the ark with your hard-earned resources.


We’ve also added in a simple options menu so you can start a new game from scratch, change the relative volume of music vs sound effects and take a look at the controls. Admittedly, an options menu isn’t very exciting but it’s one more thing that needed to be done and it brings the game one step closer to completion.

Ed is working away at creating loads and loads of graphics for the ark so that each section can be upgraded separately. Here are a couple of rough designs for the ark at different stages of awesomeness.



What you can’t see from these images is that the ark is actually made from 12 separate components that mix and match depending on the state of each upgrade.

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