Noah’s Nightmare: The Great Drought

Yeah, so we got bored with where Noah’s Nightmare was heading and decided to do a complete u-turn on the project.

Now you have to save all the fish from the Great Drought. The fish god has declared that the oceans are going to disappear for 40 days because reasons. Noah is a merman and he travels through the depths of the oceans to save every fish species he can. These species, he keeps safe in a giant water tank which will survive the depletion of the oceans until it rains once more.

Noah the merman saves whatever fish he can and waits out the 40 days. Then he waits some more. But it turns out that the Great Drought is permanent and the fish god never intended to refill the seas. This being so, Noah has no alternative but to go into space with his fish to find a new planet to settle on.

Many space battle ensue as Noah explores new galaxies in the hope of finding a nice watery planet. It seems other creatures are out there looking for similar planets and they won’t share the spoils! What is more, solar radiation affects some of the fish en-route, mutating them into monstrous forms that would never have existed on Earth.

Eventually, Noah finds a decent planet and settles down with his fishy friends. We then come to the third and final part of the game which is a fish breeding sim. The fish and environment depend on the following factors:

  1. The exact species that Noah managed to save on Earth
  2. The mutations caused by cosmic rays
  3. The eventual planet that Noah settles on

So there you have it. I hope you like the changes. Happy April!

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