Noah’s Nightmare: Ark Art

It’s the middle of May and the weather here in the UK has finally made the switch from winter to summer, seemingly bypassing spring altogether. All the same, poor Noah still has his impending flood to deal with.

A couple of posts back, I put up sketches made by Ed for two of the arks at different stages of upgrade. Ed has now created all the pieces that make up these arks and here they are as they look in the finished game.

Starter Ark (twigs and straw)



Epic Ark (gold finish)



Of course, all the elements have to mix and match too so you can have an ark with a straw base but gold railings and keel.

Last month, we also nailed the final look of the menus, starting with the options menu. Here’s a look at out spangly new controls screen.


Right now, we’re working on getting the rest of the UI up to scratch, creating more visuals for the ark and adding a “New Game +” feature which will be a more hardcore version of the game that unlocks only when you have beaten it once.

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