Noah’s Nightmare: New Game +

As we are nearing the end of development on Noah’s Nightmare, we are mostly polishing the game and play-testing… but we have added one final big feature and that is “New Game +”. For anyone that has played these sort of games before, New Game + is like a secret hard mode that is only unlocked once the main game has been completed.

In our case, the new mode has faster water and harder hitting enemies as well as a slightly new look. The enemies in New Game + are white instead of black so they look a bit ghost-like and the water is blood-red!

New Game +

We quickly realized that simply increasing the water speed was going to pose a problem at higher altitudes when it will rise too fast to get some of the quests done (the quests are identical between the two modes). This was solved by having the water start faster in New Game + but accelerate slower, meaning that the water speed ends up being about the same between the two modes at higher altitudes.

Having played New Game + from start to finish, I can say that it is pretty hardcore, even when played ┬áby me – the developer. Maybe it’s too hard. Maybe not. These things are supposed to be a challenge, right?

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